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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Junk in the Yard [Sale]

I spent this past weekend in Thomasville, NC at The Junk Ranch for my first show! Boy, was it beautiful out there!! Out in the country, peaceful and quiet, and the property was beautiful. The house and barns are about 20 years old, but look like they've been around since 1850! Complete with horses, farm dogs, and the smell of horses, the days were relaxing. (Minus the loading, unloading, and reloading!)

Friday was HOT and SUNNY and my fair skin just wasn't havin' it. It's Tuesday and my poor shoulders are starting to blister now. Saturday kept most of the company away with its rain. But, it was just nice to be out new friends, catch up with old ones, take sneak peeks of Angie's (the owner at The Junk Ranch) kitchen every time I went to the restroom, lust over other people's junk, admire all the items for vintage rentals, and buy some of Angie's absolutely delicious smelling candles!

Well, on with the show! Here are a few pictures of my first set up at a show!

My next show is June 1 in Historic Bethania, NC. Any advice for it?

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