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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Pickin'

Don't you just love weekends where the pickin' is plenty? I always go out by myself on Saturday mornings, but this weekend we went back to my hometown to visit with family - so I got to go out with my mom Saturday morning. She has a Jeep, so I got to haul a lot more. The question is - how do I get this home now?

After we finished up our route, we found one more sale right around the corner from my mom's house. I picked out the metal table, red toolbox, and some other small knick knacks they had just pulled out of the utility closet. I asked the lady if she minded if I went and looked around back there. She said sure, and asked me what exactly I'm looking for. I said I usually just have to see something. Then, I got invited to the attic - SCORE! 

Apparently, they had to rebuild their attic entry and it was smaller than the original. She thought we'd have to rope stuff down through the window. I wish I had a cool story like that to tell you, but we managed to take everything down through the stairs - the two file cabinets that were from an old Kress Five & Dime, the wooden tv stand, the window cornice, and a pink suitcase, an old film canister, an old photo developing machine, and some keys from a '66 Chevy Corvair (didn't get the car though!)

The house belonged to the husband's parents. They didn't throw away anything! I even found his I.D. from his Freshman year in college, and I know this guy had to be in his 60s.

After that, I got to go dig around the back, where I found some cabinet doors, a rusty shelf, and some other rusty goodies. Oh, and some black widows. I really could have kept digging. And, honestly was contemplating bringing back a ladder so I could climb up into the crevice of their house for a piece of rusty barbed wire. No one else was down for that though.

But, man, was I just jumping up and down with happiness for this junk!

As always, what you see is for sale. Just contact me if interested! 

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blue Over Brown - A Wax-Distressed Sidetable

My creativity is running low tonight - I couldn't come up with a better name for this piece other than Blue Over Brown. I think it's because I'm writing my post out of order. I usually edit my pictures first, copy them into the post, and then write. That way, I can look at them and know what I'm writing about. But, my trusty eye for editing pictures is out walking the dogs.

As usual, I forgot to take a true before picture. This was your standard wooden piece, with a glossy finish. It was a bargain at goodwill, because the drawer slide wasn't attached on the front end. I'm pretty sure they would have sold it for twice as much or more, had the drawer slide been in place. All I did was tack it down with a finishing nail and it was as good as new.

So, my first before picture is the brown base coat. I mixed Valspar (a brown color and I painted over the label for some reason and I can't find my sample card, so I can't tell you the name) with Zinnser Oil Based Primer. After letting that dry for about 2 hours and sanding it, I painted back over it with just the latex paint (no primer mixed in). This helped deepen the brown color since it was mixed with white previously which made it more creamy.

Next, I grabbed a candle from the Dollar Store and sliced out the wax with a knife. I've never tried the wax distressing technique, but I've read about it so much I had to try it! Honestly, I couldn't see where the wax was on the piece since it was clear and the paint was already kind of shiny. I just went with it, though and waxed to my hearts desire.

Then, came the coat of blue. (Valspar - Beach House  WV37008).  I used the dry brush technique, as I did on the Picket Fence and 30 Minute Chair. For this, you get a small tiny tiny amount of paint on the brush (you want your brush to stay dry, not be wet with paint). Move over the piece quickly, you can repeat over areas if you need to.

Paint dries quickly using this techniques, so I was able to take a rag and wipe off the wax almost immediately. I love the wax technique, I think the distressing looks pretty natural. I may have over distressed. Also, there were a few places that definitely looked like a finger had run across it. So, to fix the places that I didn't like where brown was showing, I dry brushed the blue back over.

I wasn't done there though. I wanted to give a shot at the painted drawers too, so after debating between the same blue or white, I painted the inside and outside of the drawer white. Mistake, it looked terrible. I painted back over the outside in the Beach House Blue, left the inside white, and the look was complete.

Final step, was to coat the piece in waterbased polycrylic. 

Primer - Zinnser Oil Based mixed with Brown Latex Paint
Base Coat - The Brown Latex Paint without Primer
Top Coat - Valspar Beach House (WV37008)
Distressing Technique - Candle Wax
Protective Coat - Minwax Waterbased Polycrylic 

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Pickin'

Here is today's small haul. I was in my husband's small car - it doesn't carry as much as my Hyundai. That, and it's liable to break down at any moment. It's a 1994 Chevy Caviler and it's so loud, I couldn't hear the lady talking to me at the pharmacy window. But, it's still getting us from point A to point B and that's what matters.

I started at a yard sale fundraiser for a local animal rescue group, where I  grabbed that huge piece of salt glaze pottery for a ridiculously low price and a broken table. I'm working on a salt glaze collection like my Grandma has, so this piece will stay with me. I plan to rip the top off the table and replace it with barn boards. (Again with the plans women, get to work!) The grate came from an estate sale yesterday. I had plans to go back, but ran out of moolah! 

But, it would of course be a day like today that I can't fit things into my car and I go to the BEST yard sale last. It had nothing but vintage items. I grabbed what I could (of course by this time, I had limited funds as well), which amounted to a typewriter, letters, and that gorgeous blue dresser (which a very nice man delivered for me!)

Closeup of the letters - these would make an awesome craft project! I choose to spell out "Pickin'" because it's what I love to do most!

And finally, today I sold these signs! It's always a thrill to see something you made and invested time with find a home! These are going to a local girl's kitchen!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Christmas Table

Forget, Fall. I'm ready for Christmas. I bought this gorgeous enamel top table at a yard sale this morning and am so excited to fix her up and use her. (Two tables in one week!)

I think this table will be the perfect working desk. I usually just leave my laptop on the coffee table, but a table would be much better. She's missing a drawer, but I have ideas in mind.

Speaking of ideas, I have a lot. I have a lot of projects too. So, tomorrow I'm doing the unthinkable. I will not go to yard sales, I will stay home and work. (Also, my garage is full. I have no where to put anything else.) 

Hopefully, this long weekend will give me more finished projects to share with you next week!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Picket Fence and a Farm Table

So, the gate I posted about here on last week's Saturday Junkin', is now this.

 I used the same yard sale find paint and technique that I put on my 30 minute chair. Now, I think this can of paint has the recipe for it on top. I really need to get that to y'all because this color is AMAZING! This fence is just another piece I'm in love with. I think I have a thing for white.


Speaking of white, I bought a farm table! I have been searching and searching for one. I don't know why, I have one waiting for me in my grandma's shop when we move into a house and I really have been trying not to by stuff for this apartment. But, it was calling my name.

 The lady was selling it with three ladder back chairs, but I'm pretty sure I have about 25 chairs in between my garage, my house, and my mom's. I'll have to show you the chair wall I made in the garage. I should have learned this table wasn't meant to be mine when I got a reply that the lady's inbox was full. I was persistent though, this table was mine.

It, of course, would not fit in my car. So, we broke it and pried two legs off and one of the aprons. Part of the top is split and the legs are slightly rotted on the bottom. Well, looks like we have another fun project!

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