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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Pickin'

Don't you just love weekends where the pickin' is plenty? I always go out by myself on Saturday mornings, but this weekend we went back to my hometown to visit with family - so I got to go out with my mom Saturday morning. She has a Jeep, so I got to haul a lot more. The question is - how do I get this home now?

After we finished up our route, we found one more sale right around the corner from my mom's house. I picked out the metal table, red toolbox, and some other small knick knacks they had just pulled out of the utility closet. I asked the lady if she minded if I went and looked around back there. She said sure, and asked me what exactly I'm looking for. I said I usually just have to see something. Then, I got invited to the attic - SCORE! 

Apparently, they had to rebuild their attic entry and it was smaller than the original. She thought we'd have to rope stuff down through the window. I wish I had a cool story like that to tell you, but we managed to take everything down through the stairs - the two file cabinets that were from an old Kress Five & Dime, the wooden tv stand, the window cornice, and a pink suitcase, an old film canister, an old photo developing machine, and some keys from a '66 Chevy Corvair (didn't get the car though!)

The house belonged to the husband's parents. They didn't throw away anything! I even found his I.D. from his Freshman year in college, and I know this guy had to be in his 60s.

After that, I got to go dig around the back, where I found some cabinet doors, a rusty shelf, and some other rusty goodies. Oh, and some black widows. I really could have kept digging. And, honestly was contemplating bringing back a ladder so I could climb up into the crevice of their house for a piece of rusty barbed wire. No one else was down for that though.

But, man, was I just jumping up and down with happiness for this junk!

As always, what you see is for sale. Just contact me if interested! 

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day!!

  2. You hit the jackpot! Found you on Meet Me Monday! Have a great week!

  3. Wow! I've never had that much luck on Yard Sale Day. I'm jealous! :) Can't want to see what you do with it and hope you're able to get it home! Thanks for visitng Storywood Designs!

  4. those benches with backing are cute. looks like you're a great shopper.

  5. You had a great pick! love all your stuff. Visiting form Knick of Time.


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