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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Picket Fence and a Farm Table

So, the gate I posted about here on last week's Saturday Junkin', is now this.

 I used the same yard sale find paint and technique that I put on my 30 minute chair. Now, I think this can of paint has the recipe for it on top. I really need to get that to y'all because this color is AMAZING! This fence is just another piece I'm in love with. I think I have a thing for white.


Speaking of white, I bought a farm table! I have been searching and searching for one. I don't know why, I have one waiting for me in my grandma's shop when we move into a house and I really have been trying not to by stuff for this apartment. But, it was calling my name.

 The lady was selling it with three ladder back chairs, but I'm pretty sure I have about 25 chairs in between my garage, my house, and my mom's. I'll have to show you the chair wall I made in the garage. I should have learned this table wasn't meant to be mine when I got a reply that the lady's inbox was full. I was persistent though, this table was mine.

It, of course, would not fit in my car. So, we broke it and pried two legs off and one of the aprons. Part of the top is split and the legs are slightly rotted on the bottom. Well, looks like we have another fun project!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you - I'm so excited to fix her back up!

  2. my husband would say you shop like his wife, tho I have never broken my purchase apart to fit it in! Thanks for making me feel a little more "normal" today.

    1. Haha, I just laughed when I read this! I probably am a little crazy for tearing it apart.

  3. That table looks like a fun project! I love your little fence. I made a little fence that is in my dining area and I love it!

  4. Poor, poor table - I am sure you will have it right as rain soon or make it into something else!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  5. That is the perfect farm table! I've been bugging my hubby to take off the plain-Jane top of our kitchen table and replace it with planks. lol! Love this!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Ohhhh! Can't wait to see her all fixed up with a few chairs around her. -Angela @ Mrs. White Twig & Tea

  7. How much was the lady’s asking price (as if I'm interested)? The paint of the fences is okay if not a little faded. I think it just needs a little repainting, even more so if you plan on selling them, Crane. I love the style of your fences, by the way!


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