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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Done!

I don't think I shared with you that I had this project laying around - in fact, I think I bought this chair before I started this blog, earlier in the yard sale season. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it. The red was beautiful, the fabric on it was also beautiful. I bought it and in my garage it sat.

I finally decided that it did need fresh fabric, so I stripped it. Then, I remembered to snap a picture of it. Want to know what was underneath the fabric? Old pantyhose and long johns. Not being one to waste, I ironed them out and back they went.

I had picked up some vintage pillow ticking at another yardsale and thought the blue would complement the red well. Apparently, I'm not good at hammering in upholstery nails, but lucky for me, my husband was! I think she turned out well. I have another chair like this to do in teal. Any ideas on a good fabric color to go with it?

I also bought an already stripped chair to give reupholstering a whirl. I've got the fabric, now I just need to patience to sit down and do it!  One day all of these projects will be done!

Have you recently finished a project that's been sitting around forever?

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