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Monday, December 10, 2012

Chippy Stool

My father-in-law gave me this little stool a few months ago. He's always finding this and that to pass on to me - I love it! I absolutely loved the top, so I knew right away it would not be painted.  I decided to start working on it at night, so I brought everything inside. Mistake, see that little dog? He had other plans for my, knocking it over and leaving a nice blue stain on our carpet.


I grabbed this blue paint at an estate sale. What you don't see here is that I painted white over the blue, didn't like it, and painted it back blue.

Come on, I can't be mad at that sweet face!

After heavily distressing the stool, I coated in polycrylic.

I love how this one turned out because it really looks like the paint is chipping off.

And wow, that top. I just love paint splatters. See why I couldn't dare mess with it?

Have you had a pet mishap with a project?


  1. Love the little stool! I haven't had any mishaps with pets, it's usually with myself.

  2. One of my passions is re-doing furniture. So, I am so happy to have found your blog. This little stool is great, I love how you left it rustic, but made it better and I might say, "quite charming".

    Come on over and visit. I am celebrating my first year as a blogger and I'm having my first Give-Away:)
    Hope to get to know you better . . . you met the nicest people in blog-land.
    Connie :)


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