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Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm crazy for trying

and crazy for crying 
and I'm crazy for loving you 
- Patsy Cline

I think crazy sums it up ya'll. This is probably one of the most insane purchases ever. She was thrown out back around a building, covered by a heavy door. She'd been there for a year. You see, she needed some "airing" out. She had quite the B-O, from what the man told me. Not only that, she had roaches (they're gone now, though). I rescued her, this $5 cabinet. 

She's beautiful, no doubt. But, this baby doesn't stand up by herself. You see, this picture you're looking at is a good picture. She's missing a side. As I loaded her, her left window frame fell apart. The drawers are all wobbly. The shelves are wobbly. The whole thing is wobbly. She's old, she's decrepit.

I told my husband to not say a word, just help me carry her to the porch. And there she sits. The neighbors know I'm brilliant crazy. I'm sure they secretly whisper about me. "Hey, there's that cool junk collector hoarder girl. Did you see that new heap of trash outside her door."

Trash, trash??? She's beautiful! I haven't cried yet, this piece might just make me, but I am in love. We'll see where I get with fixin' her up.

What's been your craziest purchase?

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  1. I have far too many to mention lol
    But if it helps, I see the beauty in that piece too - and don't think you're crazy at all!!!

  2. As a person who has rescued close to twenty of these cabinets, I can assure you there is life left in her. Just take it slow and the ideas will form. She will be a beauty. Once I bought a stack of pieces and got the cabinet back together. I have my grandmother's cabinet just like this one.

  3. well, you can always take it apart, and reuse the gorgeous doors, old wood, etc. so no, Katie, not a crazy purchase at all! - Marji

  4. OH MY GOSH! I have the same cabinet, also decrepit, on Furniture Feature Friday! The saga of fixing the poor thing continues ...... Check it out, it's number 137. They might be sisters!


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