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Monday, June 17, 2013

rain is a good thing

Well, apparently, Luke Bryan was right - rain is a good thing.

I know many of us have been getting hit with a lot of summer storms lately. And where does that leave the furniture painters? Some are fortunate to have a basement, or a garage...I used to be one of those!

Now that we've moved though, my space is the sidewalk in front of the house. I have a feeling you can tell where this is going.  I painted, I sealed, left the piece outside to dry, and it rained overnight. Ruined...I ran outside trying to save it. Revive it, bring it back to life. Too late, the water had gotten under some of the paint. 

I pulled it up onto the covered porch and left it. Left it for work, left it for later repair, another sunny day when I had the motivation to fix it back up. This is what you get when you use a chalk based paint - left digging your heels in the dirt.

But, what happens when the sun comes back out? The piece dries? You get this.

Perfect, authentic chippyness. The good kind. The kind like lead paint left to weather over the years. The kind that peels back to reveal another color. The kind that no amount of sanding will ever create.

All of this, without the health concerns of lead paint. I think I'll take it.

Now, unfortunately, this wasn't my plan for this piece, so I have sanded the flakes away for repainting. But, I'm going to give it another shot. Does twice make it time tested? Can I say this method really works then?

Have you had any crafting accidents with happy results?

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  1. Love happy accidents like that! Great tip to keep in mind for the future!


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