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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Alive and Lively

So, blogging has definitely taken the back road as we've adjusted to moving into our new [rental] home. It's still a mess and we've been here half a year, but we will get there one day.

The last few pieces I've painted have been semi-custom pieces. I bought the furniture and someone claimed it and chose the color.  But the most recent piece I did was truly a custom piece (her furniture, her color choice) and I really just wanted to share and show it off!

The buffet was covered in an awful peeling I ventured into the task of taking it off. Never again, I tell myself, will I try to take off veneer! It took a solid week between work and household chores to get the veneer on the top and two end sides off.

But was worth it. Underneath was a piece of knotted up wood, and when stained...had so much character. I was in deep love with it. 

I met the owner at her house a week beforehand to get a feel for her decorating style and color scheme. We originally chose to go with Miss Mustard Seed's Shutter Gray, but after showing her it in person, it was a bit too blue.

So I got creative. ME?! CREATIVE?! I'm a color inside the lines kind of girl, so this was a bit daring for me. I whipped up some Miss Mustard Seed Kitchen Scale and Shutter Gray and then mixed them! GASP! I ended up with about 2 parts shutter gray to kitchen scale. Not sure if you can really tell, and if you can't, don't let me know about it.

The piece chipped pretty well and finished it off with some Honey Almond Glaze Couture then coated it with Flat Finish Couture. The Paint Couture collection is new to the furniture painting world and was created local to me. I am in love with the stuff for finishes!

We finished it off with some beautiful glass knobs the owner picked out. I think she was in love when she saw it tonight.

Do you remember your first custom?

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  1. love the color. I bought MMS's kitchen scale and am trying to get brave enough to add it to my kitchen. Love how you mixed the colors and other products.

  2. I'm a green/blue kind of gal, so I think the color is perfection! Very lovely!


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