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Sunday, July 14, 2013

had some motivation

Since we've moved in, half of our living room has held my junk. I promised my husband only one project at at time, but that was apparently a lie. And then, the projects set...and set...and set. The pile was not my happy place, coming home was starting to get irritating because its so cramped! 

Talking about irritating, I have poison ivy. The worst spots are on my right arm and they've gotten to that won't stop oozing stage, in addition to being obnoxiously itchy. Random spots on my legs and left arm are itchy as well. To top that off, pretty sure I have about twenty mosquito bites as well.

So today, to get my mind off of the poison ivy and to take back my happiness and sanity, I kicked my butt into gear to clear out that area a bit. Here's two projects that came of it...I was even able to sweep the floor after moving stuff around!

The side table was painted in Paint Couture British Grey. The dipped legs (that are actually painted on) are in French Polynesian Pink. The table was sealed with Paint Couture Flat Finish. For those that haven't heard, Paint Couture is a new acrylic paint that requires no sanding - the paint adheres to almost any surface!

The lamp was originally this awful cream colored base. I painted over that with Annie Sloan Old White and went over it with Minwax dark wax after it was dry. The piece was sealed with Paint Couture Flat Finish. The shade was originally this awful olive color. After ripping that off I tied burlap ribbon and ripped pieces of vintage ticking around the frame.

So all in all, today I was motivated to work! What motivates you to get some projects done?

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  1. Love your lamp and table! and the ball jars too - of course!!


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