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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lovely White

This is my favorite piece I've done so far. This is the piece I would have kept (if I had room). This is the piece that I sold in a day!

By the time I was done, it didn't look like this anymore. But first, I took her apart to make the job easier.

Then, I got to excited and forgot to take pictures until I was done. But the process was sanding as much as I could. The varnish was peeling off in most places, so I brushed it off as much as I could, but the remaining would help make the perfect aged effect. The apron and legs were painted with brown primer and my favorite white paint that I talk about so much. I got the idea for brown tinted primer from a mixture of my experimenting with tinting primer myself with my paint and from reading Sweet Pickins Furniture. The table top was sanded and stained with walnut stain. The table was distressed (a lot of it was done only 30 minutes after the white paint was put on, it created a really cool effect), waxed with clear and brown wax. I sealed the table with medium gloss polycrylic. And now, I'm in love and she's gone.

Have you ever parted with a piece that you love dearly?

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  1. Love the table, and yes I have parted with a table I wished I had kept!

  2. Gorgeous tranformation!
    And I have parted with far too many things that I loved ( but if I had my way I'd hold on to every piece that came in, seriously, lol )

  3. This is an amazing transformation. I love it! Def. pinning.

  4. Great transformation! That was a rough looking one.

  5. Absolutely stunning. Great job!


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