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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

oh baby, i love your way

want to be with you night and day.

Yeah, ok - I have no idea why that song popped into my head for this post. Maybe because it has to do with love. Maybe because I'm so in love with my Valentine's wreath. Whichever, it's catchy. 

This past week I've been scrambling to finish some projects before my extended family came to see my place for the first time. This is one of 'em - our new Valentine's wreath. 

I saw this gorgeous Valentine's boxwood wreath on Pinterest, but I couldn't find any boxwood stems at Micheal's and the boxwood wreath available at Target was 40 freakin' dollars - and I'm cheap, so I opted for trusty burlap!

I thought of this wreath idea while walking through Micheal's, grabbed the supplies, and rushed home to make it! I painted the C in a flat white paint for CraneFarms, stained a few wooden hearts in Kona, poked a Queen Anne's lace (fake) flower into the burlap, tied a red gingham bow, and topped it off with a cute burlap flower pin I found at Micheal's. I really don't want to take this down!

 Have you made a Valentine's wreath this year? I'd love to see! 

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