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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hillsville Flea Market

Family trip to Hillsville Flea Market today! This was our first time and we had a blast! I was ready with my storage cart ($3 at a yardsale - STEAL!) and my apron! David said I'd be the only one there with a cart and people would make fun of me. So not true, everyone had a cart or a wagon...and vendors were charging $15+ a cart at the market!

Needless to say, it was VERY crowded and pretty hard to push a cart through there.

People were even parking on steep hills - CRAZY.

But, there was a fun variety of items to be found. Such as gorgeous painted furniture.

 To tons and tons of glassware.

There was even homemade  ice cream made with single piston engines!

But, the best part of all was the loot we brought home!

Not pictured here is a table my sister bought. I had told all the husbands there was no point in driving the car to pick up the stuff in the picture. I mean, you saw the traffic above - crazy! So before talking to us, they went and picked up all this stuff and carried it to the car. Now, we parked in the first parking lot as you entered the flea market was a hike! So, after that my sister bought the table. Lesson learned - do not tell men not to drive car, then ask them to drive car. So..we started carrying the table and everyone looked at us while we were nuts! David called, so we had to put the table down - I proceed to talk very short with him, bringing more stares until one vendor took pity on us. (This table really wasn't heavy..just awkward!) He suggested we go ask a certain person for hand trucks. Seeing we would decline, he insisted that he would go get the hand trucks (which really was a wagon) and walk with us until we meet up with our husbands! How sweet!(I personally think he wanted to get us crazy ladies away from his booth so we wouldn't scare the customers!)

Overall, it was a fun time - did anyone else go to the Hillsville Flea Market?

Flea Market Pictures were taken by my sister, Audrey Whitlock Photography.

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  1. Isn't Hillsville fun! Love all your finds! Glad to have found your blog! I am your newest follower!


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