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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Part Deux

As promised from yesterday, the rest of the finds, minus the old bed frame. Apparently, that picture deleted itself or something. Maybe its in the twilight zone. Either way, it isn't on my camera now. Bigger things were happening, like a flooding store! It's taken care of now though.

So here you have the barn door, a neat shelving unit, a utility spindle, and cotton seeder. And see over in the right corner the white piece? That's the picket fence I talked about here.

Blogging has been sporadic and will continue to be for, well I don't know how long. We are down to one computer from three! David has two broken laptops and a thesis to keep writing. One laptop needs a new screen since the back light went out. Although this is the older computer, it's probably the one getting fixed. The newer one (about 2 years old) has some motherboard damage that will cost $900 to fix - that's more than the computer!

I'll keep sneaking on when he leaves my computer alone for a few minutes!

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