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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Pickin' & New Friends!

Today was so awesome, I forgot to take picture of everything! I caught the last weekend of a warehouse sale and spent some money! Here's a few things I found!

So, at this sale, someone else was interested in those cubbies and immediately bought them from me after I bought them. She also picked through the store where I have a booth and my garage! You'll have to check her out at Lake Norman Antique Mall.

I went back to this same sale later and bought a cotton see planter, barn door, old rusty bed frame (the guy I bought this from was in his 60s and it was his great-grandmothers bed!), pink vintage table, and an awesome shelf. I will share pictures of these last finds with you tomorrow hopefully!

And coming up soon is the reveal of a barn shutter I made!

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